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This month in the hive

August 2020.

Time to remove any crop for extracting (remembering to leave plenty for the bees) and consider any treatments (if done). As wasps become a pest it can help the bees by reducing entrances (or fitting mouse guards early) to help prevent robbing. Weekly inspections should continue to monitor health and ensure space for any late flow; along with ensuring colonies are queen right for the winter ahead! Feed needs to be sorted ready to administer (when treatments are complete) and making sure that...

July 2020

I find it hard to believe but with colonies now at their peak in numbers, the season is on the wane! Weekly inspections need to continue but the swarm impulse should diminish; though do ensure plenty of space for any nectar flow over the coming months. Any artificial swarms should be monitored for build up and colonies with raised queens should be watched to ensure the queen is properly mated. The way this season has gone there could be a sudden flow, requiring empty supers for space; or a...

June 2020

The season is in full swing now. Weekly inspections should be the norm; ensuring any signs of swarming can be dealt with to avoid nuisance to the public. Allow plenty of space (so put supers on early to cater for any flow). If you have Rapeseed Oil near your hives then extract the honey so soon as the flowers fade in the field to prevent it setting solid in the comb. Health and build up should be monitored and that queens are laying normally.

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