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Spring yet?…No not quite?

I would say that my bees and the flowers and trees are around 6 weeks behind compared to recent seasons. I have suffered losses this winter like never before, on the back of last “summer” as it was named ! What I don’t understand is that there appears little or no concern for this (although there probably will be when its’ too late); I haven’t heard the government or the media mention about the continued struggle for bees- there are vague references about decline in pollinating insects, but it is a lot more serious than that and this year could turn out a lot lot worse – I HOPE NOT!


It was a huge relief (after the latest bout of freezing weather) to see the sunshine today AND bees flying from the hive entrances. Is Spring really on the way? The crocus have forced their way into flower and snow drops too. The daffodils’ flower heads are also appearing albeit a little later than last year.