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My friend Martin, who keeps bees too and with whom I share some apiary sites, rang me yesterday afternoon to say he was checking his bees and found one of my hives fallen over. He had managed to put it back together but something wasn’t fitting back into place and the bees, upset at having their world turned literally upside down, were too defensive to investigate further. So at 8.00 am this morning in wind, rain and cold, I dashed up to check the situation: the hive was okay but the crown board had broken and bees were defending the aperture created. Fortunately I had a spare crown board in my Jimny, so with smoker well alight and gauntlets on I sorted the problem and moved the hive stand onto a firmer spot, all seems okay and only a few stings to show for it! Thanks Martin.

Now I have to go and face a real challenge today.