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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Having said how dry it was and needing rain, my call has certainly been answered! The season seems to be almost extremes of very hot and dry then very wet with no nice balance. That said there may be a flow of nectar though only time will tell.

The highlight of the last month has been extracting a colony which had swarmed into a post box set into a wall. A first for me! I am pleased to find that I have managed to successfully remove the bees with their queen and several combs of brood. They are now building nicely in a nucleus hive and should soon move into a full hive.

Already a strange season.

The effect of Covid 19 means this year is different. However the hot dry Spring also brings a different challenge. If this weather continues the nectar will dry up and this could be detrimental to the bees. So not wishing to be a kill joy but we need some rain as we go into Summer!!

Winter Toll

The mild wet winter has taken its toll on my colonies meaning many are small and build up is way behind, despite the last few weeks good weather. Hoping for more warmer, dry days for the bees to get back on track through May.

The Woodpecker Fights Back

I spoke too soon and recently found that one hive had been attacked despite having the woodpecker protection on. Hopefully this is a one off as Spring approaches; here’s hoping!

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone all best wishes for 2020! Hoping for a good season with the bees in the year ahead.