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My anxiety levels are sky high at the moment, fuelled in part by wondering about my bees. I may have been keeping bees for over a decade but I still worry about their survival through winter (more so now than in years gone by, maybe because I now have more colonies). As a bee keeper you can feel that you are helping the bees in their fight to survive through the active season. But come autumn and you are reminded that these are wild creatures and for as much as can be done to help prepare for winter, now I can only watch, and wait, and hope (and worry!) – Nature.
There is a real sense of helplessness: The winter has already shown its’ true colours and at present has not really abated. Lets hope the bees are tightly clustered over ample stores. Having longed for cold to kill off the wasps I now yearn for a mild spell (while I am not at work) to see the bees at the hive entrances on cleansing flights.