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Yesterday whilst inspecting my bees – in the rain – I got stung on my left arm. I took little notice thinking it was me messing with the bees in bad weather. A second sting still led me to think the same. But then further stings on my left arm and shoulder forced me to step back from the hive and check my bee suit was done up properly. All was secure so I resumed but then further stings and then the feeling of bees crawling along my arm made me lift my arm and there was a huge tear in my bee suit. I don’t know how it happened (or when) but I have a sore arm today!!
Every day I have tried to look at my bees this week, no matter what time of day, it has rained. Not a little, a lot and I have got soaked several times. I am now convinced that someone at work is doing rain dances. It’s almost like a little grey cloud following me every time I look at my bees.
Tonight my friend Martin and I have been out getting supers full of honey off for extracting (yes in the rain again). We work well as a team and managed to get nearly 60 supers off in a couple of hours.