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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone all best wishes for 2020! Hoping for a good season with the bees in the year ahead.

January 2020.

Weekly site inspections should continue to ensure hives are all okay. Fondant checks are also important to ensure an emergency supply for the bees if stores are depleted/exhausted. Plans for the coming year should be in mind and any new equipment should be built ready for the season ahead.

December 2019.

Weekly site checks should continue to ensure that hives are all okay. Periodic fondant checks should also ensure availability to the bees if required. Spare equipment can be cleaned, repaired and stored. Think about plans for 2020; who knows what Santa may bring!

November 2019

Frequent site checks should continue to ensure that hives are upright, secure with mouse guards still on (fondant can also be checked above the crown board). Spare equipment can be checked, cleaned (and repaired ) before storing. A good time to drop hints to Santa for Christmas!

October 2019

As we look towards winter it is all about checking apiary sites regularly to ensure hives are upright and sound, mouse guards in place and that there is fondant available if required. Another active season complete thoughts for 2020 ahead! Spare equipment needs to be brought home to check (clean?) and store. Nature is now very much in charge for the next six months!