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And Now Withdrawal Symptoms!!

The active season has almost shuddered to a halt as nectar income has dried up. Time to get the bees ready for , dare I say, WINTER! If the dearth continues early feeding will be necessary; this and varroa treatments will now be the only activities left to do in the coming weeks. Mouse guards are already on to help the bees protect against robbing. I have gone from endeavouring to maintain 60 colonies to doing next to nothing. No more brood inspections, no more elation from seeing the queen in each hive , hence severe withdrawal symptoms.


Its that time of year again, when I begin to realise that the season is coming to a close. It means I  have to prepare my colonies for winter and so will not see the bees and their queens for over 6 months. It leaves me sad.
On a brighter note I saw lots of bees coming back to the hive with a familiar stripe of pollen across their back/thorax; it seems water balsam is in bloom. depending on the weather it may give a useful flow to the bees.