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Hoping and wishing a good year ahead for everyone!

Toppled Hive

Toppled Hive

I decided to pop round my apiaries today as it had been over a week since my last visit and I’m so glad that I did. A hive was toppled over and judging by the grass being yellow underneath where it had fallen it had been like it for a time. I could see the bees clustered in the frames so I carefully reassembled it. It will be Spring before I can see if all is well! I am wondering how it happened; the stand was fine and where it was situated, if it had blown over others would have fallen too.

National Honey Week

The clocks go back early Sunday morning which is the start of National Honey Week! Celebrating the harvest and promoting the plight of the honey bee.


Another warm and sunny day and the bees in my garden were very busy; returning laden with pollen. It was easy to determine the source as the odour from the hives was a real giveaway that the Ivy is in bloom!