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Mindless Vandals

Mindless Vandals

I arrived at one of my sites today to find 3 hives had been knocked over- the bees have died ! What is the mentality of the people who did this ? I cannot begin to understand, but I am left angry, frustrated, and really saddened by it all.

Geomagnetic Bees

I was able to attend Hagley & Stourbridge BKA meeting last night, my thanks to them. The talk given by John Harding was excellent! I won’t “drone” on about it but absolutely recommend you look this man up and see what he has found; its’ AMAZING!!

Cold, damp, wet = Bad for Bees!

This winter has, to date, given the worst possible weather for our bees to have to contend with; so I was relieved today to find all my colonies showing signs of activity as the rain briefly abated. Roll on Spring and may it be kind to our bees.


Today’s warmer sunshine, a break from the wind and rain, allowed the bees to venture out briefly. Along with the birds singing you could almost be fooled ! There is still a way to go before Spring but it was welcome to see and hear.