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Good?…..Or Bad??

Good?…..Or Bad??

Checking all my hives today, found these little beggars had noshed their way well through the fondant even though they have 2 supers (boxes) of honey on board. I hope they are just filling all the gaps with fondant and not using the fondant because they have already eaten all their honey stores. I put another block of fondant on just in case.

Fine Feathered Friend

Over the last few months I have been joined at one of my sites by this little chap. A  bit camera shy but I finally got a pose. The robin normally sits right on the hive I am at, and sits on the fondant eke as I lift the roof to check there is fondant still available for the bees; and the little fellow follows me at every hive there (12 at present).


Checking my colonies today for fondant it was noticeable how defensive they were; lifting the roofs to check the fondant instigated an immediate response with bees flying out of the entrance (and in some cases straight down my boots!) and reminding me they were not in the mood to be messed with!!