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Listen to Bee Farmers

The latest televised coverage on the plight of our bees still seems to miss the main point! Though I did see the Bee Farmers hit the nail right on the head: varroa and Neonicotinoids hold little relevance at this moment – the poor summer last year meant many new queens did not get properly mated, and colonies were poorly nourished for the long, hard, cold winter which followed and from which we are only now (May) just emerging. Many colonies have perished as a result or have been left small and probably weak. Depending on how this “Summer” unfolds our bees, or what are left of them, are again already under new stresses to survive.

Spring yet?…No not quite?

I would say that my bees and the flowers and trees are around 6 weeks behind compared to recent seasons. I have suffered losses this winter like never before, on the back of last “summer” as it was named ! What I don’t understand is that there appears little or no concern for this (although there probably will be when its’ too late); I haven’t heard the government or the media mention about the continued struggle for bees- there are vague references about decline in pollinating insects, but it is a lot more serious than that and this year could turn out a lot lot worse – I HOPE NOT!

Devastation around the corner ?

It is still cold; many plants and trees are barely showing signs of being in bud and its nearly the middle of April ! If it doesn’t warm up very soon then the effect upon our bees and much more will be devastating!!