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It was a huge relief (after the latest bout of freezing weather) to see the sunshine today AND bees flying from the hive entrances. Is Spring really on the way? The crocus have forced their way into flower and snow drops too. The daffodils’ flower heads are also appearing albeit a little later than last year.

Bees sense electrical fields in plants.

Scientists believe that plants use electric fields to communicate with bees. We now also believe that bees can sense other magnetic fields. Is the penny finally rolling? About to drop?? This is the most studied creature by mankind but there is still so much we do not know; a whole world of electromagnetic fields, smells, pheromones that possibly hold vital keys.

6 months; more like a life sentence!

In conversation today I worked out that the last time I had been “into” (inspected frames of brood) a hive was 6 months ago…. it feels like a lifetime! I can’t wait for the months ahead now. I was buoyed by the sight this afternoon of bees coming out of hives at one of my sites, as the sun (all too briefly) warmed the air and lifted temperatures.
Bees (and speedway) are my lifes’ passions – aside of my family of course! But both are from Spring to Fall which leaves half the year pining! There are things to do and books to read, but no “live” action through the dark winter!!