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Worth The Effort

Worth The Effort

With the snow on the ground and freezing temperatures over the last week I was tempted to miss out checking my main sites today; it was all too easy to stay at home in the warm. How glad I am that I made the effort as 4 hives had their entrances blocked or submerged in snow. Plus I got to see and take pictures of some lovely scenes created by this winter – well worth the effort!


I keep seeing articles promoting “hefting” a hive to gauge winter stores. I don’t recognise this method at all. Simply put a block of fondant on anyway! Enough said!


As a result of hives on one site being prone to sinking and leaning (and in the past 2 have fallen over), I have bought some 600mm square slabs to make firm platforms. As the weather is cold I thought it a good day to start putting some down on site. I managed to carefully heft each hive to one side before leveling the ground and laying a slab, but on each ocaision as I hefted the hive back into place a few of my” little darlings” angrily buzzed out of the entrance to see what I was playing at!

Under Attack! Winter and Climate losses

Under Attack! Winter and Climate losses

A mild day today and visiting the hives meant I could see colonies flying to ensure their presence. Sadly some have been lost and it appears the wet,damp, but cold weather over the last month has been their demise (as all were okay back in December). Indeed the news today highlights the weather/climate and how different it has been the last twelve months; this is worrying and does not bode well for our bees. To add to my woes today one WBC entrance had been hacked (with the reduce entrance slide thrown off and due to the damage cannot now be replaced) by what I really don’t know. The bees were still alive inside and I have fitted a metal mouse guard over the entrance.

Letter to The Guardian

This is a letter sent by John Harding and I am pleased to have been allowed to copy it here. It is something I am striving toward myself having been lucky enough to meet and chat with John about:

More press about chemicals and honeybees in the Guardian dated 16th January 2013 by misinformed media personnel re chemical farming.
You will realise an answer is available (mine), when you read my manuscript that proves conclusively it is beekeepers, unknowingly, who are to blame, why?
In taking honeybees away from their natural source of survival that weakens their immune and defence mechanism, why?
All organism’s require key elements from Planet Earth natural phenomena, even man, however one is overlooked by honeybee science, except by NASA, and that is EMF (electromagnetic field).
NASA use EMF within all space flights otherwise man would not survive.
All life requires EMF to survive due to its varying levels, measured in hertz. All organism are attracted to or repelled from the varying levels.
Birds, fish, animals, insects, butterflies and honeybees have magnetite built in to their bodies to track EMF when finding food or migrating thousands of miles.
Honeybees need EMF to complete their delicate nest micro-climate, for finding a food source and when swarming.
Honeybees have been dying for thousand of years while in man’s care, all before varroa and neo-nicotinoid.
The varroa mite and only varroa has escalated the demise of honeybees bringing the ongoing problem to the attention of the media and mainstream public by using the ill-fated alleged scaremongering quote by Einstein (he did not say it).
If it was Neo-nicotinoid it would be localised rather than general across a continent, why can’t people realise that.
My hypothesis covers many aspects of science so one scientist is unqualified to cover all of my discovery hence why none have taken it on board, with a lot of my hypothesis being outside their expertise, that is, unless I provided private funding.
If you listened or read my hypothesis you would realise my conclusions are correct then you may help to get my discovery scientifically acclaimed so beekeepers can use a free natural phenomena to stop the demise.
Chemicals are not the sole reason, if at all, for the honeybee demise, or have been proved to be, using false laboratory conditions then creating an assumption that becomes an opinion to what is happening in the wild environment.
My hypothesis proves that the very people who are blaming chemicals are wrong.
Beekeepers are to blame, unknowingly, for the demise from the very beginning.
You have the resources to bring together many scientist covering my hypothesis for the whole year for research using both southern and northern hemisphere to continue the work, therefore confirming my hypothesis sooner and with scientific acclamation.
Karl Von-Frisch came very close to my discovery and he got the Nobel Peace Prize. During his research he too realised the importance of EMF but did not make the connection, whereas I have.
My honeybees are not dying. I have not treated with any chemical product for over 20 years.
Believe it or not I am on your side.
The media just need someone to blame and scaremonger to sell papers.
Neo-nicotinoid could continue to be used by farming without the flack from the media once people know that neo-nicotinoid is not to blame.
Beekeeping prevention for varroa, like Bayvoral, would no longer be required so could be diverted to a new product that all beekeepers would now need to find EMF, produced and marketed by Bayer.
A win win situation.
Another year has gone by with no solution, except mine, and millions of honeybees continue to die.
You have the solution in front of you, the sooner my hypothesis is acknowledged the sooner honeybees will stop dying and Bayer can then concentrate on doing more safer development in producing food for the increasing 7 billion population.
I apologise for my enthusiasm and passion however I know I am right after 30 years of observation.
I await your reply.
Kind regards