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Caught On the Hop (Yet Again)

Did my first full inspection today, thinking I would merely check and assess build up. However some colonies were on 7, 8, 9, even 10 frames of brood – in March!!? Crazy! So a quick dash home, supers hastily gathered and put on said hives (thought I could do this in a few weeks and still be early ). Good old bees don’t work to rule you know.

Hint Of Yellow

The weather was lovely today and the bees were rampant. Loads and loads of pollen at every hive; good to see. And, dotted around in the fields a few yellow flower heads of some very early Oil Seed Rape !

Bees Do Spring Clean

I noticed today on one of the hive alighting boards a dead wasp! It looked too small to be a queen and alongside it was wax debris. I am guessing the bees have been buzy Spring cleaning and this corpse is a vanquished foe from last autumn. Either way at least it was dead ! That sounds horrible but necessary!

Flowering Currant

Today was lovely and sunny again. The bees were all flying well and I was forced to drag myself away from the hive entrances on many occasions throughout the day. I noticed that our Spring flowering currant bushes are all in flower (both red and white) and this is a guide to when the first inspections may be carried out- though this year I feel it may be a week or two too early; much as I would love to!

Nearer and Nearer!

The weather this week has seen the girls flying, I could just sit and watch all day (how sad!). I have requested a hive on the patio at home, that way I can sit and watch the bees and my wife can sit and watch me!! Some chance.
Not too long now, I am getting really excited (as I always do this time of year) about the season ahead; more so this year because of what I have learnt over the winter and what I have done over the winter….