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Exciting and Scary !

Following a meeting with John Harding last week ( a very nice man) I have been trying out what he told me; it really really works!! I don’t want to give anything away so you should get his book and find out yourself but it is so exciting and so scary.


I am beginning to think I do have it wrong and that there are better methods for the bees. This I have to investigate and see; what am I talking about, well Geopathic Stress Lines, inspection reduction, wax and its’ “Properties”. I will keep you posted.

Zombies and Dinosaurs

If what the papers have printed is correct, which I don’t doubt, then why is this breaking news to bee keepers and why has the bee keeping press not given us prior insight??
Zombies – bees infected with a “parasite” that may be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder thats’ all. It is said to affect the bees who become dis-orientated and fly aimlessly unable to return to the hive and drawn to white light.
Dinosaurs – well guess!