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As I checked all my colonies this morning it felt quite “raw”, especially on the exposed sites. However the “ladies” all seem okay and some were “chomping” away (sorry should that be salivating and sucking) at their fondant- Indeed I had to put more on some!
As February approaches the active season is getting nearer (exciting!) but we still have to be cautious/wary.


I have been doing a lot of thinking this winter about my colonies (steam coming out of ears at times!). One line of thought is Nosema (maybe a real underlying threat): Now I could treat prophylactically BUT…!
Is it something (ELSE) to worry about? Is the research being done to address it? Who knows?
Needs some investigating, maybe a case for “Dr. Bob”!
Then there’s the training and BBKA but we won’t go there! YET!!

Swallow Hayes

Swallow Hayes

I visited this lovely 2 acre garden today with my wife and had a stroll around sniffing on the National Collection of Witch Hazel planted there. The red,orange and yellow “flowers” were nice to see and I find the smells wonderful. To cap the visit, tucked away I found 2 WBC hives and was pleased to hear that both were okay. Thank you to our host Pat Edwards.