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I love what I have with the bees.

I invite you to see the way I do my beekeeping. Rob Jones

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Welcome to RJ Beekeeping

If you live within 3 miles of the Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham area and have a swarm that you would like removing I may be able to help you. Please contact me by onthe above email address or telephone number. A swarm is part of a colony of bees that has left its home – either a hive or perhaps a hollow tree.
When a swarm first issues from a colony, it will usually fly around for a short while and then settle, possibly on the branch of a tree. The swarm will then send scouts to finda new home and then, when they have found one, will move to it. A swarm may hang up for just a few minutes or for several days, but when it moves off it willbe gone in a couple of minutes. A large swarm will make a considerable amount of noise as it is flying around and can be quite frightening to the non-beekeeper.
However, most swarms are very docile and will not sting as they are full of food for their journey.

Welcome to RJ Beekeeping

This Month In The Hive

February is ending unseasonably warm and mild, but best not be fooled too much yet into thinking Spring has arrived!

TNB: Droning On

I am pleased to have acquired the support of “Droning On” and articles will appear here along with my thoughts and progress TOWARDS NATURAL BEEKEEPING.


Comb Honey (subject to availability-enquiries welcome).
Price detailed is for collection or local delivery only.

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